ASV Skid Steer Loaders have been around a lot longer than most people realize. ASV was one one the first skid steer loader companies to come out with a rubber track skid steer loader and ASV has reviloutoinized the skid steer loader industry. ASV skid steer company had a slow start but as the idea of a rubber track skid steer loader became more popular ASV became a major player in the skid steer loader industry. The older ASV rubber track skid steer loaders where awesome compared to the normal tire skid steer loader, especially there traction or ability to have more pushing power because of having more square inches in contact with the ground serface. ASV proved that with rubber tracks you could get more pushing power with rubber tracks with the same horse power engine than you could get with a tire skid steer loader. plus with the rubber track skid steer loader you could go through muddy areas without the worry of getting stuck. plus with ASV rubber track skid steer loaders there was less ground presure because there was more surface making contact with the ground spreading the ground presure out more evenly thus there was less ground torn up. No more holes to back fill because of tires spinning. ASV had single hand controls in those days and where diffacult to master because you operated them with one hand but the steering controls where actually two seperate controls about a half inch apart. However todays ASV has come along way. ASV skid steer loaders today have joystick controls the same as Caterpillar and if you can use the joystick on a simple video game you will have no problem using the ASV skid steer loader controls. The ASV controls are the very same controls as Caterpillar and in my opinion the simplist to master of any other skid steer loader. Also when Caterpillar came in strong into the skid steer market in 1999 they chose ASV to build their under carriages for their rubber track skid steer loaders. Todays ASV and Caterpillar are almost the very same machine. ASV is fast becoming one of the top four skid steer loader companies in the world. I would take a ASV as quick as I would a Caterpillar and I"m a very big fan of Caterpillar skid steers.
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